4 Essential Accounts Payable Software Features for your Business

Accounts Payable Software

In the next year we will be working hard to add functionalities such as purchase orders and supplier management. Automated invoice processing replaces the manual processing steps with software, allowing invoices to be submitted, received, exchanged or approved without human intervention. Reduce manual work, accelerate invoice processing and gain greater financial control and visibility. With over 225 accounting system integrations available, you can seamlessly automate your AP and payments processes within your existing systems. Dynamic approvals use machine learning capabilities to auto-suggest approvers for specific invoices.

Once Bill receives invoices from vendors, it extracts useful information to ease up on data entry and keep the billing process flowing faster. Bill also has payment channels built into the app, so you can settle your obligations with vendors easily. It also has approval workflow schemes to ensure that all vendor billings are billed accurately and pertain to legitimate business expenses. Through these features, Volopay gives you absolute control over all your business spending and enables you to have better control, visibility, and savings. By seamlessly merging with your existing setup, this accounts payable software ensures efficient automated approval workflow, invoice management, and real-time reporting. Companies looking to add automation in accounts payable should research different AP automation solutions carefully to ensure the best fit for their organization.


Cloud Accounts Payable Software can be configured to support your existing AP infrastructure and can scale on an as-needed basis. These software programs typically come with advanced analytics and metrics, easily allowing you to determine which AP business processes are hindering efficiency and which ones are improving it. Xero is a New Zealand-based cloud accounting software that includes accounts payable and vendor payments. Like its competitor, QuickBooks Online, Xero integrates with Bill.com, an accounts payable add-on.

Accounts Payable Software

See how finance teams process invoices, approval workflows, and more with Stampli’s AP Automation solution. If you’ve noticed in our evaluation, QBO scored 4.7 while Bill is only 4.4. It is our expert analysis to give Bill the best overall because it’s a dedicated accounts payable software, whereas QBO is geared towards bookkeeping. Moreover, some businesses may want to integrate QBO with Bill for advanced A/P features.


A scalable cloud ERP solution for growing medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. It offers complete control and automation options in managing financials, billing, orders, inventory, fixed assets, and revenue. It also has different modules to help https://bookkeeping-reviews.com/ you bring together all your key business processes. Stampli uses Artificial Intelligence technology to automate AP invoice processing and learn your unique patterns to automate approval notifications, simplify GL coding, identity duplicates, and more.

  • Integrate your accounting software with Datev, Sage, NetSuite, Xero, and more to sync and manage data easily.
  • Retail Seamlessly track and integrate your inventory with SoftLedger’s retail accounting software.
  • Even with all the developments organizations make in other key business processes, vendor payables consistently remain on the back-burner.

You can enter them by clicking on the Record Expenses tab on the left navigation bar. This will take you to a page that lists all bills that are due, with amounts and due dates. To add a new bill, click on the green Create Expense button at the upper right, and enter the necessary information.

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Defining an AP landscape also consists of outlining your invoice workflow. The goal is to speed up processing time by automating manual tasks, particularly the repetitive and tedious ones. Ask any AP department employee, and they will quickly attest to the importance of properly processing invoices. Stampli combines AP communication, documentation, and payments into one collaborative platform. Its templates let you put all communications at the top of the invoices, so approvers, vendors, and other involved parties can instantly understand what needs to be done.

  • Compare your metrics against the average Medius customer to see how much you can save.
  • Transforming and automating your accounts payable department means taking a hard look at the way it functions.
  • The majority of AP professionals express a desire to transform their accounts payable process by moving towards transformation, but it doesn’t appear actually to be happening as fast as they’d like.
  • Setting up automated approval workflows to get internal approvals and manage exceptions.
  • Melio’s A/P features are not as robust as Bill, but we don’t find this as a downside as most small businesses will benefit from Melio’s simple A/P features—especially those who pay internationally.

When choosing the right software for your company real-time reporting is another integral feature you should look for. Real-time reporting lets you monitor expenses in real-time and make instant reimbursements. It also helps you control budgets, approve requests and eliminate tedious administrative tasks with just the click of a button. Easily look up the details of any invoice, PO or payment in the cloud, regardless of where it is in the workflow.

It will integrate with your existing enterprise resource planning and finance systems to deliver touchless invoice processing. To ensure that you choose the right software, consider how it will be configured to support your current workflows first. Automate Your Accounts Payable Control your costs with SoftLedger’s accounts payable automation and approval workflows. Collect Quicker On Accounts Receivable Get your money quicker with recurring and usage-based accounts receivable automation. Smart General Ledger Incredibly fast to implement and seamlessly adapting to your business — that’s how SoftLedger’s smart general ledger empowers your business.

  • As shown above, each bill is color-coded to indicate what stage of the payment process it’s in.
  • It becomes difficult to keep track of all of your invoices when they aren’t managed in a central location.
  • RPA can interact with accounting systems toautomatically generate general ledger and budget reportsand share them with key stakeholders.
  • Tradeshift is the world’s largest cloud-based accounts payable platform.
  • AP automation lets you streamline this labor intensive, manual processes to giveinvoice processinga boost that will save your organization time and money.
  • You’ll need to identify your pain points in both of these workflows to ensure that you find the most helpful AP automation software.

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